Genealogy Documents

GENERATIONS is a composite document containing Dave's primary ancestral lines. Multiple versions have been self-published, and links to them are found, below.

Generations, V3 (PDF)

Generations, V2 (MS Word document)

THIS LAIRD-MCCONAUGHEY GENEALOGY contains information about the families of Nellie Logue and her two husbands, Elmer McConaughey and Earl Laird. Nellie and Earl were Dave's maternal grandparents.

Laird-McConaughey Genealogy (PDF)    Updated 7/20/2015

Genealogy Software

I use and recommend Millenia Software's Legacy Family Tree.  Their standard version is free, and is quite full-featured.  You can find it by clicking the link below. 

  Legacy Family Tree Software

 The full (pay) version adds significant functionality over the free version. I use the full version to generate the various documents you see above (e.g. Generations V3).  Once you define a document (book) format, you can easily update it with new data just by pressing a button.  Too cool!  (and quite a time-saver).

Full disclosure: If you end up buying the full version after clicking through the link above, I get a cut of the sale through Millenia's affiliate program, and it doesn't change the price you pay at all.  If you choose to do so, thanks!

Genealogy Images